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Decor Ideas for Corporate Events using Flowers and Chocolates in dubai

Corporate events serve a variety of functions. You could be expressing gratitude to your employees for their efforts or launching a new business or product. Perhaps you’re getting together with clients to thank them for their help. Whatever the occasion, make it a spectacular affair with the right decorations.

Flowers and Chocolates in dubai

With harmony flowers, we advise you on the best displays, styles, flowers and chocolates in dubai to use, and we’ll design something that truly reflects your company and event without taking up too much of your time. And we are committed to dependability, so you can be confident that your floral arrangements will arrive where you need them, when you need them, allowing you to focus on running your business or event.

What, on the other hand, are the best flowers and chocolates arrangements for a corporate event? To help you plan the perfect evening, we’ve gathered inspiration for the best corporate event flowers and installations below.

Which Flowers Should You Use for a Corporate Event?

Consider the meanings of the flowers and chocolates to choose for a corporate event. Roses, for example, have romantic associations that are inappropriate for a business gathering. Instead, choose blossoms with meanings and appearances that evoke strong, business-like characteristics. Consider using these flowers for meetings, conferences, and other special occasions.

  • Amaryllis for self-esteem
  • Chrysanthemum for integrity
  • Cornflower for good fortune and luck
  • The daffodil symbolizes new beginnings.
  • Dahlia for honor
  • Edelweiss represents bravery and devotion.
  • Hollyhock for drive
  • Iris represents wisdom.
  • Orchid for maturation and refinement
  • Tiger lily for wealth and pride
  • Violet represents fidelity and devotion.

Consider Harmony flowers and chocolates for your next event the next time you order flowers for an event. We provide stunning floral displays created by a professional, as well as a very personal service. Our consultation is included in the price of the service, and we now offer delivery to Dubai and the surrounding areas. And if the worst happens and everything is left to the last minute, we’ll make sure you still have a beautiful floral display on the big day.

flowers and chocolates

Where Should the Arrangements Be Placed?

When it comes to flowers and chocolates arrangements for corporate events, you must consider their placement. Too many florals can overcrowd a venue, but too few may be ineffective. The number of floral installations you use and where you place them at your event will be determined by the size of your venue and the purpose of your event. Consider these locations for corporate flower arrangements while doing so. 

  • Tables are one of the most visible areas to decorate with flowers. When ordering flowers for a business event, make sure to include arrangements for the following.
  • Make beautiful dining tables if your corporate event will host guests at various dining tables. No matter the size or shape of the table, add eye-catching centerpieces. Choose arrangement sizes and heights that are appropriate for the space.
  • Cocktail tables: Small bud vases on each cocktail table will add a touch of elegance to the room without breaking the bank.
  • Escort tables: Your corporate event could be a black-tie affair with reserved seating. You could then place escort cards on a table and decorate them with floral touches. This will help guests focus on their cards.
  • Buffet or beverage tables: Depending on how your corporate event is catered, you may have food or beverage tables. Small arrangements adorn the sides of these tables. This will connect these areas to the rest of your venue.
  • Favor or gift tables: Perhaps your event will thank your employees for their hard work or clients for putting their trust in your company. Gifts or favors should be given, and the table should be decorated with beautiful flowers and chocolates arrangements.
  • If your corporate event flowers are for a trade show, accent your company’s setup with an arrangement. You’ll draw attention to your company while also demonstrating your attention to detail.

The Front Stage 

If you’re hosting an awards ceremony, a corporate charity event, or another event that necessitates the use of a stage, make sure to decorate it. A plain stage will not match your grand event, but one decorated with flowers will show your commitment to the cause. Decorate these areas of the stage with floral arrangements.

The Stairs: if the event stage has stairs leading up to it from the audience, decorate the sides with short floral arrangements. It will make guests who take the stage feel like they are walking down the red carpet.

The stage’s front edge: Use low arrangements on the stage’s front edge to add depth, texture, and beautiful décor. If you’re decorating with flowers in those areas, match them to the stairs.

The background: As a backdrop for your stage, you could use a curtain. Use it to make floral arrangements, archways, or floral sculptures. They’ll add a little something extra to keep guests’ attention on the presenter, and they’ll make photos of your corporate event look amazing.

The podium: Decorate the podium with flowers if your presenters will be speaking from it. Choose a large flower bouquet arrangement or a flowing floral display for the front of the house.

flowers and chocolates

Flowers and Chocolates Decor Ideas for Corporate Events 

The soul of hosting a successful and engaging function or trade show is corporate stage decoration for an event or awards ceremony. We will look at all of them because there are different types of corporate events that require different decor.

Minimalistic corporate event decor:

A minimalistic style of decor is ideal for simple yet elegant and clean stage decoration. Florals such as orchids, carnations, and lilies can be used to create a subtle and professional look. You can also use a single-color drape for background decoration, depending on the theme.

Fresh Floral Vase Decor:

Another simple and attractive flower vase decor idea for business events. If you have a seating arrangement for the guests at the event, it is a good idea to keep a small fresh floral arrangement or a small plant to add a touch of nature to the overall decor. Decorate the stage background with bunches of fresh flowers to complement this simple and fresh idea. Small bouquets of fresh blossoms look great as corporate stage decor.

Decorate the Stage’s Perimeter:

A decent floral stage decor always works to glam up launch events or your most anticipated product launches. You can also ask your designer to keep the entire stage setup clean and to decorate the stage border with fresh vibrant color flowers in 2-3 different colors.

For Board Meetings, Use:

The decor for a board meeting should be precise, clean, and minimalistic in presentation; avoid using multiple color florals for this type of decor. For the board meeting, use only one color. You could go with a bunch of fresh red roses nicely arranged in a glass bowl or vessel on the meeting table.

Floral Hanging Stage Decoration:

Another flower stage decoration for corporate events is the hanging flower stage decoration. This design was inspired by a wedding decoration, but it is not the same. In contrast to the dense and flashy wedding decorations, the corporate event hanging floral stage decoration should feel spacious and minimalistic in the overall theme. You should definitely try this design for a product launch, golf tournament, or any annual corporate meet event.

Burger Cupcakes

We highly recommend serving these adorable burger cupcakes if your event is serving a casual dinner, such as an outdoor BBQ or buffet. They’re whimsical and will bring out the kid in your event attendees!

Flower of Chocolate

If your event includes a sit-down dinner, see if your caterer can serve your dessert in the form of a chocolate flower. When guests at your event pour hot chocolate sauce on the flower, it “blooms” and reveals the dessert inside.

Flower Cookies that are Edible

Why should the cookies you serve be any different than the flowers you use to decorate your event space? These edible flowers and chocolates cookies are a lovely, light, and elegant way to end any meal.


If you’re looking for a dependable florist who can add that extra special something to your event, look no further. Then you’re only one stop away from Harmony Flowers, Dubai’s best flowers and chocolates shop.

First impressions and finishing touches can make or break an office or a corporate or hospitality event. A well-executed corporate flower arrangement can help set the right mood and tone for your event while also demonstrating your attention to detail. Contact us to know more about floral decorations. 

flowers and chocolates

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