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order flowers online Dubai

order flowers online Dubai

Gorgeous ways to use carnations at your weddings:

Carnations’ reputation and popularity have been on a rollercoaster in recent years, but we always fall in love with this stunning and engaging flower. Order flowers online Dubai at Harmony flowers. Carnations are the ideal cut flower for bouquets and special arrangements due to their long stems and long vase life.

Carnations’ Legacy: 

The carnation was once one of the most popular flowers in the world, and it is possibly one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. Carnations are thought to have been cultivated for the last 2000 years.

The carnation flower represents Love, Captivation, and Distinction, so it’s no surprise that it’s so popular today and the star of many beautiful Mother’s Day bouquets. Because of its long-lasting freshness and fragrance, it also makes a lovely addition to any bouquet.

order flowers online Dubai

Just because you choose a less expensive wedding flower, such as carnations, doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing style. In fact, we’d argue the inverse. Carnations are such a strong flower that you can use them in almost any way you can think of. Order flowers online Dubai at Harmony flowers.

Indian Weddings Decorations:

When it comes to wedding flower decoration, carnations play a very elegant role. These lovely florals convey feelings of love, joy, and affection. They are simply versatile and can be used in a variety of decorations. People in Indian weddings enjoy charmingly decorating every aspect of the ceremony. We all love the bling and lushness everywhere, whether it’s a mandap decoration, a beautiful reception backdrop, or the wedding party. Order flowers online Dubai at Harmony flowers.

Carnations are the most popular wedding flowers, according to Harmony Flowers florist. The reason is simple: they are visually appealing and come in a variety of colours. 

Are you unsure about using carnation flowers? We are here to help you get everything sorted out.

Make Your Entry Eye-Catching:

The wedding reception entrance should be eye-catching and memorable. Everything matters, from the lighting setup to the floral arrangement at the entryway. A bouquet of white, pink, and yellow carnations can transform the reception area.

Use this colour palette to decorate the entryway with multi-coloured frills and low-hanging floral trails. Don’t use too many flashy lights because they will obscure the true beauty of the florals. Keep it simple, comfortable, and, of course, photogenic.

If the entryway is large enough, choose a cute welcoming elephant shape floral arrangement to greet guests grandly. Request that your wedding planner decorates the venue with these adorable elephant floral statues. Order flowers online Dubai at Harmony flowers.

A backdrop of Lush Carnations:

The wedding reception setting must be as opulent as the wedding couple. Carnation blossoms have arrived to finish and dust the decor beautifully. Choose a romantic colour scheme of white and red. Allow the red carnation to stand out against the backdrop’s white floral arrangements.

Craft the couple’s initials in Greek words at the backdrop beautifully surrounded by lush arrangement if you’re looking for something unique. This will look distinctive and appealing.

Consider a royal-themed reception backdrop. Everyone will fall in love with this arrangement of red roses, white carnations, and orchids. A little greenery to accompany reception stage decoration never fails to impress. It adds a fresh touch to the overall arrangement. Cover the backdrop’s edges with eucalyptus. Order flowers online Dubai at Harmony flowers.

order flowers online Dubai

Increase the Pop in Your ‘Hip-Hop’ Station:

We may not consider renovating the dance floor when making our wedding planning list. It happens all the time: the entire venue is decked out in eye-catching floral decor, but the dance floor stands alone.

Sprinkle some carnation magic to liven up the most lively area of the wedding reception. Carnation arrangements in yellow and pink adorn the dance floor. You can also mix and match colour schemes and florals. To amp up the dance vibes, combine some artificial blossoms with white carnations and cover the entire dance floor with shiny drapes and shiny lights. Order flowers online Dubai at Harmony flowers.

Wedding bouquets at dinner tables: 

The flower decoration in the reception dining area deserves your attention. Don’t let it fade away in the gleam of drapes or bright lights. Give it a natural and pleasing floral touch. Small bouquets of florals are enough to win everyone’s heart.

Request that a small bouquet of carnations is used to decorate the dining table by the wedding decorator such as Harmony flowers. If the arrangement is indoors, you can also pair it with scented candles. This type of decor adds a modern touch of opulence to the venue. Make every aspect of your big day appealing and heart-stealing.

Instead of using commonplace centrepieces, use large vases and a mix of real and synthetic florals to decorate the indoor venue. Carnations and roses are ideal for indoor decorations because they keep their freshness for a longer period of time. Order flowers online Dubai at Harmony flowers.

Low-Hanging Stage Decor: 

Using low-hanging short floral garlands from the top is one of the best ways to use wedding flowers to decorate the stage. It gives the reception stage a nice dense appearance. Even the stage is small, so this arrangement works well. Order flowers online Dubai at Harmony flowers.

For such arrangements, use dark florals. Red carnations, tulips, roses, and orchids are among the many intense shade blossoms available. Combine 2-3 floral options to create a captivating low-hanging stage decor.

Carnations are lovely and can add a special touch to any wedding reception. Choose any of the above arrangements to add a natural touch to the venue. You can easily find them in local markets or online in Harmony flowers in a variety of appealing colours. Contact our expert wedding planner team to arrange for stylish reception decor.

order flowers online Dubai

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