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The Most Attractive Wedding Flower Decoration Ideas for 2022

If you’re newly engaged and looking for floral ideas, Harmony Flowers suggest the current fad is a fantastic place to start. We have compiled the most recent floral trends from both our own floral expertise and from around the world, which we’ve seen in real weddings. 2022 is going to be a tremendously interesting year in florals, with established trends entering the mainstream and fresh concepts blooming and gaining appeal. So, whether you’re a classic bride seeking timeless wedding flowers or a badass couple looking for wow factor blooms, the Wedding Flowers Trends for 2022 have something for everyone!

1. Vibrant monochrome floral colour palettes:

While pastels will always be our favourite wedding flowers, we’re obsessed with the monochromatic floral colour schemes that are now catching our eye! We enjoy the idea of adding depth with varied colours of the same base colour, whether it’s in bright pink and red hues, warm, golden combinations of sunny yellows, or lush foliage tones. We’re incredibly happy to see this floral theme come to life in our real weddings because it’s definitely one for colour lovers!

We’re also admiring some of the “groundbreaking” components floral designers are incorporating into their designs, such as a contrasting red rose for tone interest.

2. Roses

Roses are the queen bee of wedding flowers, but creative florists are reworking them in a big way for 2022. Petals are being peeled back to show their brilliance, and unusual chocolate brown and nearly-black roses are being used in arrangements and bouquets.

3. Extensive Texture

Floral designers are experimenting with shape and texture by using more diverse blossoms and greenery than ever before in their floral arrangements. Textural designs are sure to be a popular choice this year, from wild and plentiful arrangements full to the brim with textured blossoms to mixing and matching distinctive fresh blooms with dried flowers.

4. Color Contrast

Modern colour-blocking, one of our favourite new trends in a long time, is popping up everywhere in the world of weddings, including flower décor. The fundamental idea behind this vibrant style is to mix different colours and hues while using clear lines to divide them apart. Make a more subdued pairing with two shades from the same colour family, or go wild with three or four eye-catching tones. The greater the disparity, the more striking the contrast. This is another fantastic trend for colour enthusiasts, and we can’t wait to see this floral trend come to life in our real weddings!

5. Sustainability

While sustainability isn’t a trend in and of itself, it is an important consideration for engaged couples with many opting for locally grown blossoms, seasonal flowers and leaves, and native fauna and flora. Silk flowers and dried flowers are also predicted to grow in popularity as couples seek new methods to reuse wedding elements.

Foam-free installations and arrangements have also become popular in the wedding and floral industries. While floral foam is exceedingly convenient to deal with, more and more florists are attempting to educate on its possible environmental harm (you could call it the floral industry’s plastic bag!) and developing designs that are more environmentally friendly.

6. Long-Stemmed Rose Bouquets

Instead of cutting stems short, wedding florists are keeping them extra long to create a lovely and effortless wedding flowers bouquet with a sense of drama. The long stem rose wedding flowers bouquet trend will never go out of style, whether in clean and crisp pure white, cloudy pink and blush tones, champagne, or the ancient faded hue of quicksand roses. Why not have your florist add a touch of glam by wrapping the handle in a gorgeous ribbon?

7. Classic Lily of the Valley Bouquets

The traditional Lily of the Valley posy bouquet is a favourite choice for brides to be. With their rounded blossoms, these simple yet magnificent single-bloom wedding flower bouquets are ideal for brides seeking a traditional, timeless aesthetic.

If you choose to send a Lily of the Valley bouquet, keep in mind that this sweet tiny blossom is quite pricey and only blooms for three or four weeks in early to mid-Spring.

8. Carnations

Carnations have officially returned to the cool list! We’re not sure how these frilly flowers received such a poor rap in the wedding flowers industry, but it’s over now! Carnations are robust, adaptable, and inexpensive, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been cropping up everywhere in lovely bouquets and huge floral creations. These ruffled textured beauties are no longer considered “filler flowers,” but are taking centre stage in bouquets and arrangements, providing a big dose of modern flair.

9. The New Pastel

Soft, pastel palettes are being updated with unique floral pairings, exotic blooms, and loads of texture, signalling a departure from the conventional, delicate arrangements of the past. Layering pastel tones with rich, yet soft colour made up of orchids, poppies, peonies, and hydrangeas reflects the desire for more dramatic colour palettes.
Our hand-picked list of reputable florists in Harmony Flowers UAE may help you make these visions a reality! You can also find more wedding floral inspiration here.

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